Embroidery Editing Software Programs for Beginners

Embroidery Editing Software Programs

If you own an embroidery machine, you can purchase compatible embroidery editing software programs that will allow you to customize embroidery designs. But with so many options on the market, it can be hard to choose the right program, one that’s easy to use, versatile, and can give your designs that pro quality you strive for.

The Best in Embroidery Software

Before you buy, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want to resize designs?
  • Do you want to customize your designs by adding lettering?
  • Do you want to change the design color?
  • How much money are you willing to spend?
  • Do you want to be able to remove portions of a design?

Font Works

Font Works is a popular program that can be used for any type of embellishing and lettering. You can add lettering to a design from your collection, create a monogram, and create a lettering only design. By hovering the mouse over sample lettering you’ll be able to see the recommended font sizes. If you want to increase the size you can adjust the stitch type. You can also change the stitch order, but we recommend you do so with caution.

Font Works also allows you to distort a design, use mirror image, or duplicate a design. You cannot change the size of a design. There’s no automatic color sort, but you will be able to manually rearrange the colors.

The name drop feature is another important feature, which allows you to create a design for each member of a group or team by adding the names to a drop list. Then, when you hit save, the program will save the design for each person in the group. This feature prevents you from having to copy and paste, add a name, and save the design for each member, manually. We recommend this program for beginner and advanced users.

Embroidery Works

Embroidery Software

This program is available in two versions: Every Day and Advanced. First, you’ll buy Every Day, then you can add Advanced. The Every Day version is a great buy for the beginner, but it can be a little difficult to use the lettering features because you’re required to select the font in one box and letters in another.

The Ever Day version allows you to achieve the perfect design by merging, flipping, and rotating it. Advanced also has this feature.

Both programs allow you to resize designs and provide automatic stitch recalculation.

Another feature both programs share is called sweeps, which automatically cleans up designs while removing overlaps and hidden stitches.

The density map will allow you how to adjust the density before you sew.

Project advisor provides needle, stabilizer, and hoop recommendations for projects.

Mirror four can copy designs up to four times for a truly unique mirror effect.

The scatter feature arranges small designs to fill areas, randomly.

The Every Day version also comes with twelve font options, so you can personalize each project.

The Advanced version can perform all of the features that the Every Day program can, and so much more.

The Advanced version comes with the following features you won’t get with the Every Day version: 

  • Stitch editor: This feature allows you to insert, delete, or move stitches.
  • Monograms and lettering: You’ll get forty-four built-in fonts
  • Applique frames: You’ll enjoy the forty built-in applique frames
  • Advanced hoop splitting: With this feature you can pinpoint where a design will split in order to fit the desired hoop.
  • Font importer: This feature will import letter design files.
  • Precise position: You can easily place designs in specific areas on the workspace.

If you’re not really interested in digitizing, these programs are good options. The only real drawback is the number of fonts available. While Every Day comes with twelve, Advanced comes with forty-four.

Embroidery Works offers some really cool features including Accu Quilt for appliques, spiral text, and other types of built-in applique shapes, which makes it easy to cut your fabric, then create an embroidery design to applique your next project. If you’re a Mac user, there’s also a Mac specific version you can use. If you don’t have much experience with this type of software editing program you’ll need some help navigating it in the beginning.

What can Embroidery Software do?

Embroidery software allows you to manage, output, and customize designs easily and quickly, which is essential if you plan to run your own home-based embroidery business. These software programs will allow you to produce and customize designs quickly. Many programs are simple to use, even for the beginner, so you can customize, manage and print designs easily.

These programs take an integrated approach to managing your designs, providing you with complete control over how your files are maintained and stored. Using a built-in embroidery library you can organize your designs for easy browsing and searching, so you don’t have to search your entire drive.

These programs also allow you to work without limitations, so you can convert your stitch files or outlines with the click of a button for max accessibility. Use the files from your library and save them to a wide range of format types. You can also manage file folders so you can keep track of your files and their locations within your library.

The monogramming features allow you to personalize projects using built-in fonts and templates. This feature will give you the power to create unique lettering and monogram designs, so you can take personalization into your own hands by customizing your own monogramming and lettering. You can choose from a selection of pre-designed templates, then customize them further by changing the stitch type, color, layouts, baselines, and more.

Your lettering designs don’t have to be basic. You can do it your way using a program’s font selection. Typically, a program will offer anywhere from twenty up to a hundred different font styles to choose from.

Ultimately, the type of editing program you choose should be based on the type of embroidery work you normally do and the designs you normally work with, not to mention project size. Of course, if you need a program for personal editing needs, you can choose a more basic program that’s ideal for changing font styles and resizing. The professional quality programs we have discussed here can be used for personal or professional use and they offer more versatility regarding how you can change and edit a design.