Brother PE540d Embroidery Machine Review

Brother PE540D Embroidery Machine Review

The Brother PE540D embroidery machine features thirty-five built-in Disney designs, five fonts, seventy decorative settings, a hundred and twenty frame pattern combos, and large backlit LCD screen, and an embroidery area that measures in at 4 x 4.

This is a lower priced Brother model that has some limitations, such as a smaller embroidery area, which makes it a poor choice if you’re looking for a model that you can use to create larger pieces. However, for the affordable price and overall durability, this machine is a great buy for the beginner or the casual embroiderer.

Brother Embroidery Machine Rundown and Features

This model comes equipped with easy to follow instruction diagrams which tell you how to thread the machine, remove the embroidery hoop, and wind the bobbin. You’ll also notice the transparent bobbin case and the convenient automatic needle threader. Located on the right side of the machine is a slot for embroidery cards, in addition to a USB port, which can be used to connect the machine to your PC in order to upload designs.

Because this is an embroidery machine only, the embroidery unit is attached permanently.

Above the embroidery needle you’ll find three function buttons: automatic thread cutter, needle up and down and start and stop. Located on the very top on the left is the tension adjustment knob.

Other features include thirty-five designs featuring Disney characters, a hundred and twenty frame combinations, pattern rotation functions, on-board tutorials, and a trial layout and position function.

Following the bobbin winding and threading guides are simple and easy as are many of the straightforward functions this model offers.

Once the bobbin is wound and the needle has been threaded, inserting the bobbin is a breeze thanks to the detailed instructions. Once the bobbin is in place, the next thing you should do is choose the design. You’ll find the main menu displayed on the LCD screen.  When choosing designs you’ll find all of the options displayed. During this time, you can easily scroll through the lists until you find the design you want and use the stylus or your fingertip to select the design.

When you choose a design, it’ll appear along with a description of the thread colors that are needed. Next, put the embroidery hoop into place by aligning the slots on the side with the embroidery unit until you hear a snap.

Brother Embroidery-Only Machine Pros and Cons

Brother PE540D Embroidery MachinePros: Ease of use is what this model is all about. The LCD screen is large and easy to read and the included tutorials do a great job of walking you through the embroidery process, detailing how to use the different components and features on this machine.

We also like the ability to view the layout of a design before we hit that start button. The preview appears on the display screen with a concise description of all the thread colors that are needed.

This model has a solid feel and is very quiet-running. There’s no vibration whatsoever, and the LED lighting works to illuminate the workspace nicely.

This model comes with one embroidery foot, four bobbins, an extra set of needles, lint brush, seam ripper, USB cable, dust cover, spool net, four spool caps, stylus, scissors, disc shaped screwdriver, owner’s manual and quick reference guide.

This machine is no larger than a traditional sewing machine, and it’s so quiet you can use it any time of the night or day, without the worry of waking other members of the family.

When the thread needs to be changed, the machine will stop and alert the user, which is just another feature that makes this model so beginner-friendly.

This machine is lightweight, affordable, and best of all, produces a wide range of high-quality designs. It won’t take up much space and can easily be stored away when not in use.

Since this model can connect to your PC, you can import additional designs from your computer or even plug it in to update the machine’s software.

If you want to expand your designs you can visit This site offers thousands of designs exclusively to Brother embroidery machine owners.

If you’re tired of using a magnifying glass and tweezers to thread your needle, you’ll love that this model features an automatic needle threader, which only takes one touch to operate.

The machine’s pattern rotating options also allow you to have your designs stitched at an angle of one, ten, or ninety-degrees.

This machine works at four hundred stitches per minute, so you can create designs in no time at all.

The machine’s simple setup, ease of use, and straightforward design are all what makes this model so popular among beginners and seasoned embroiderers alike. The machine’s basic design doesn’t take away from the overall quality of stitching and pro looking design work that it can handle in just minutes.

Cons: The embroidery area is pretty small. With an optional large hoop you’ll be able to add a couple of extra inches, but when you compare it with the super-sized areas you’ll find on higher priced models, this machine can feel a little limiting.

Embroidery Machine by Brother Conclusion and Rating

The Brother PE5540D embroidery-only machine is definitely worth the purchase when you compare it to other models in this price range. This machine is easy to use, durable, affordable, and best of all, it produces excellent quality designs. Overall, this model offers great value for the price, allows you to easily expand your design library, and features an easy to use design setup that will allow you to create to your heart’s content. Consumers who purchased this model gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars for pricing, built-in designs, iBroidery compatibility, easy to use interface, built-in tutorials, and overall quality.

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